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One of the main obstacles to small business marketing is coming up with the right strategies. Duct tape marketing tricks are nowadays not the only winning strategy for small businesses. The good thing is, along with old methods, there are five main ideas that any small business can implement to build a positive reputation. 


 1.  PPC Advertising 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a model of online marketing that allows businesses to display their ads to targeted audiences, PPC ads are effective only when a business finds keywords, phrases, and long-tail queries that are relevant to the business. Once the keywords are established, a PPC ad can easily put your small business in front of the right people. 


2.  Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become inevitable. It’s currently one of the most used strategies for both small and big businesses. The best way to utilize social media is through engaging content. You should have a careful study of your readers and know what they like. This way you’ll have an easier time curating your posts. With social media, consistency is second to nature. 


3.  Video advertising 

And while many say content is king, video marketing proves to be an equally effective method of promoting small businesses. Visuals last longer in a reader’s mind and if well-incorporated, they can serve as priceless advertising avenues. For instance, when you can go ‘live’ during product launches or campaigns. Video ads are definitely cheaper and established social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook have a potentially wider reach than your local TV station. Win-win. 


4.  Email marketing 

Email marketing is another effective advertising strategy for small businesses. Most people visiting your website will not commit to your business at first. It is therefore important to find ways you can keep in touch once they leave. A simple way is to come up with free subscription services where readers only exchange their contact information. You’ll use the contacts to nurture leads and possibly convert them to potential customers. 


5.  Print advertising

Though technology is sweeping the marketing realm, the need for offline marketing is still crucial to small businesses. People are still attending local events, seminars, and business talks. Newspapers and monthly magazines are still churning out huge audiences. But even so, as a small business, you can come up with budget-friendly print advertising ideas like crafting flyers, promotional merchandise, and business cards. Having a mix of both digital and offline advertising sets you up for solid brand growth.