The Hidden Gem

The Situation in Logan, OH Logan, OH (pictured above) is a small town in Southeastern Ohio that has a population of about 7000.  The local residents named the town in honor of Chief Logan of the Mingo Indian tribe.  He and his band lived in this area at the time of European-American settlement. Ohio Governor Thomas Worthington established the community […]

Case Study: Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium

When going into business, it is very important to have good reasoning for what you are doing (and why, how, where, to whom, and when).  For the purpose of this exercise, let’s use a local company here in town as an example. What are you selling? Where are you selling it? Who are you selling […]

Top 5 Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

One of the main obstacles to small business marketing is coming up with the right strategies. Duct tape marketing tricks are nowadays not the only winning strategy for small businesses. The good thing is, along with old methods, there are five main ideas that any small business can implement to build a positive reputation.   1.  […]

Impact of Digital Marketing on Your Business

So the big question – how does digital marketing help our business?  Well, to answer your question, in many ways. Here are a few ways that using digital marketing and advertising can help your business get noticed by potential customers:   1. Social media advertising This is a big one right here so depending on […]